Most traded options nse

How to Find the Most Active and Liquid Options for Trading


most traded options nse

Most Active Stocks - Includes Most Active Share Volume, Most Advanced, Most Declined, and Most Active by Dollar Volume for NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX stocks. traded in NSE. Underlying 1. Index Futures and Options: S&P CNX Nifty and CNX IT 2. Futures/Options on Individual: Individual Securities, At Individual Securities present 53 stocks Exchange of Trade National Stock Exchange of India Limited Security descriptor 1. S&P CNX Nifty Futures N FUTIDX NIFTY MATURITY DATE 2. Most Active Futures Derivative Contracts: Get all the details of a derivative contract in terms of gainers/losers, value/volume toppers & much more only with Motilal Oswal! Latest Futures Active Derivatives Contracts on NSE & BSE | Motilal Oswal.

Most liquid stock options on the NSE

I spend around 30 seconds looking at each one of them on the NSE website and tried to categorize them into Tiers based on how liquid they are. As the Tier number increases, the liquidity number of contracts traded each day goes down. For example, Tier 1 stock options are more liquid than Tier 3 stock options and so forth.

For example, If a stock has around contracts traded on each of some of the liquid strike prices each day, then I classified them under Tier 4A. Please realize that not all strike prices tend to be equally liquid. Usually the strike prices having round numbers likeetc and the ones closer to the spot price tend to be more liquid.

For the classification above, I chose the strike prices which are somewhat more liquid. Its also important to realize that during certain times just before most traded options nse after earnings release, etc the volumes of the options spike but return to their baseline a little later on.

The whole thing took me about 3 hours to do and I manually spend around 30 seconds for each stock, so there could be mistakes, most traded options nse. Removed Future Retail Limited from the list. If you liked the article, please share it. If you have anything to say or ask, feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below, most traded options nse.


NSE - National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.


most traded options nse


This Year Old Smallcap Company Could Be Our Next Recommendation (The 5 Minute Wrapup) Aug 12, Remember most stock options traded on the nse are illiquid in nature I dont know about volatility but check for liquidity of options and mostly sbi reliance Infosys are most traded stock options . Cboe Top Ten Most Active Calls - Equity Options; Cboe Top Ten Most Active Puts - Equity Options; Cboe Gainers Losers - Equity Options; Report Time: 8/28/ AM (CT) NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Data updates approximately every half hour beginning at a.m. CT each trading day, and requires a manual reload of the web page. An excellent place to start in order to find the most liquid options is the list of options available for trading the weekly option series. This diverse group represents a small portion of the entire options universe, but has been selected to include only the most actively traded series.