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The Market Watch window provides an overview of price data of financial instruments: quotes, price statistics and tick chart - Market Watch - Trading Operations - MetaTrader 5 Help. Forex, Forex No Leverage, Futures, Exchange Futures, Exchange Stocks, FORTS Futures, Collateral. offers forex and CFD trading with award winning trading platforms, tight spreads, quality executions and 24 hour live support. Trade with a Global Market Leader in Forex Trading. Over 4, markets including FX, shares, cryptos, indices and commodities Preview Watch New Export Orders & Employment Sub Components August 30, Dan Brownsword/Getty images In the past few years, forex management funds have proliferated. Most of these are scams. They offer investors the "opportunity" to have their forex trades carried out by highly-skilled forex traders who can offer outstanding market returns in exchange for a share of the profits.

MarketWatch Versus Bloomberg

The last price at which the deal was executed The volume of the last executed deal Spread — the difference between the Bid and Ask prices The last quote arrival time The displayed data can be configured in the context menu.

For example, market watch forex, you can show the "Source" field — the provider of the financial instrument liquidity.

Double-clicking on one of the instruments opens a new position opening window. A symbol chart can be opened by dragging it to the chart viewing area using a mouse Drag'n'Drop ; in this market watch forex windows of currently open charts will be closed.

If you hold down "Ctrl" while dragging, the chart is opened in a separate taband other charts remain open. If there are open positions or pending orders for the financial instrument, or when its chart is open, the instrument cannot be hidden from the Market Watch.

If a symbol chart is constructed using Last prices, Last High and Last Low prices are shown for this symbol. Prices in the "Market Watch" window have different colors: Blue — the current price is higher than the market watch forex one; Red — the current price is lower than the previous one; Gray — the price has not changed for the last 15 seconds.

If the depth of market and the Last trade price is available for a symbol, the market watch forex is determined by the Last price. Otherwise, market watch forex, the color is determined by the Bid price.

While you type in the name, the list of suitable symbols is shown. Information about the current number of symbols in the Market Watch and the total number of available symbols is available at the bottom of the list. Viewing Trade Statistics of Financial Instruments To view statistics, select a financial instrument in the "Symbols" tab and click "Details", market watch forex. The statistical information includes: B, market watch forex. High — Bid High, the highest bid price for the current day; B.

Low — Bid Market watch forex, the lowest bid price for the current day; Ask — ask price; A. High — Ask High, the highest ask price for the current day; A. Low — Ask Low, market watch forex, the lowest ask price for the current day; Last — the last price market watch forex which a deal was executed; L.

High — Last High, the highest price at which a deal was executed for during the current day; L. Low — Last Low, market watch forex, the lowest price at which a deal was executed for during the current day; Volume — the volume of the last executed deal; V. High — Volume High, the highest market watch forex volume for the current day; V. The number of statistical values depends on the brokerage company.

Upon clicking on the "Sell" or "Buy" button, a request to perform the corresponding trade operation in the specified volume is instantly sent to the server. This trading mode is available under the following conditions: "One Click Trading" option is enabled in the platform settings; The execution type of the selected instrument is Instant, Market or Exchange. In other cases, a click on a button opens the order creation window.

Financial instrument name The last quote arrival time A command to perform a Sell deal A command to perform a Buy deal Volume control: use arrows on the right and the left of the field, or use a keyboard Current Bid price The lowest Bid price for the current day Bid Low The highest Ask price for the market watch forex day Ask High Current spread and swap for short and long positions. If the price of the last executed deal is available for a symbol, it is displayed instead of spread and swap.

This window contains panels for performing trade operations with different symbols. The set of symbols for quick trading is taken from the list on the "Symbols" tab and can be adjusted using the " Symbols" command in the context menu. Be careful, once the "Sell" or "Buy" button is pressed, the corresponding request to buy or the sell the specified amount of a selected symbol is immediately sent to the server without any additional confirmation. The execution of the commands mentioned above does not always result in a corresponding deal.

The reason can be a requote, refusal of a brokerage company, etc. In this case, an appropriate message is added to the platform log.

In the Instant Execution mode, the allowable price deviation in orders is set in accordance with the "Use deviation" option. The Fill Policy is selected based on the trading instrument execution mode : for exchange execution it is always "Return", for market execution it is either "Fill or Kill" or "Immediate or Cancel" depending on what policy is allowed for the symbolmarket watch forex, for instant and request execution it is always "Fill or Kill".

When a requote is received, an appropriate message is added to the platform journal and a requote sound is played. Depending on the quotes, the trade operation execution and price field may have different colors: Blue — the current price is higher than the previous one; Red — the current price is lower than the previous one; Gray — the price has not changed for the last 15 seconds.

Managing Symbols Open the window for managing symbols with the command " Symbols" of the context menu of the "Market Watch" window. It allows you to hide and show symbols in this window, as well as view their properties: All symbols available in the platform are displayed here.

A double click on a symbol name is used market watch forex hiding or showing it in the Market Watch window. The same actions can be performed by buttons "Hide" and "Show". Here you market watch forex also create a custom financial instrument.

No more than financial instrument can be added to "Market Watch", market watch forex. At the bottom of the window, properties of the selected symbol are shown.

To quickly find a symbol, use the filter at the top of the window, market watch forex. Type the first letters of the symbol name or description in it, market watch forex.

A list of symbols corresponding to the search string appears below. Relevance of Trading Instruments All expired symbols are hidden to preserve a more compact market watch forex. This is particularly convenient when working on the futures market.

A non-relevant symbol is the expired one, which is defined by the "Last trade" parameter. This date is specified in the "Expiration" column of the list of symbols.

To view all symbols, market watch forex, click "Show expired contracts". For convenience, the list of symbols is automatically sorted: symbols without the expiration date are listed first next go symbols with an expiration date starting with the nearest date then follow expired symbols starting with the last expired one other symbols sorted alphabetically Option "Auto remove expired" in the context menu allows to automatically replace expired symbols with active ones in the Market Watch window.

After the platform restart, expired symbols are hidden, and active ones are added instead. For example, the expired futures contract LKOH 3. Symbols in the appropriate open charts are also replaced, market watch forex, provided there are no running Expert Advisors on them. Expired symbols are hidden and replaced only after the platform restart. Downloading price history The trading platform allows downloading the quote and tick history from the broker's server. For example, you can download it in advance without waiting market watch forex the platform to do that during a test or optimization.

The downloaded history can also be saved as a CSV file to perform analysis in third-party applications. To download data, open the symbol management dialog in the "Market Watch" context menu and switch to the Bars or Ticks tab. Select a symbol and a timeframe, and click Request. The platform requests all available data from the server or displays market watch forex immediately if they have already been downloaded.

Click Export to save price data as a CSV file, market watch forex. You can also export current chart data by clicking " Save" in the File menu. The entire history of quotes in the trading platform is stored in the form of minute bars.

All other timeframes are based on them. Thus, switching timeframes in the dialog does not affect the download, market watch forex. The history is downloaded once. When requesting other timeframes, the platform simply market watch forex and saves them in the local cache. The maximum number of downloaded bars is limited by the "Max bars in chart" parameter. The tick data are large, occupy a lot of disk space and may take a long time. Price history import The import function is only available for custom financial instruments.

Viewing Symbol Specification The symbol specification window features the symbol trading conditions contract specification. To start viewing properties of the selected symbol, click " Specification" in the context menu of the Market Watch window. The following set of parameters set by a broker is displayed here: Symbol name and description — the name of a symbol and its short description.

This parameter can be a link to a website containing symbol information, market watch forex. A popup tip with the link address appears when you hover the mouse over it. Spread — spread in points. If the spread is floating, then the appropriate record is specified in this point floating. Digits — number of decimal places in the price of the symbol.

Stops level — channel of prices in points from the current price, inside which one can't place Stop LossTake Profit and pending orders. When placing an order inside the channel, the server will return message "Invalid Stops" and will not accept the order, market watch forex. Contract size — number of units of the commodity, currency or financial asset in one lot. Margin currency — currency, in which the margin requirements are calculated. Profit currency — currency, in which the profit of the symbol trading is market watch forex. Tick size — minimum price change step.

Tick value — cost of a single price change point. Initial margin — security deposit margin provided for a fixed-term contract to perform a one-lot deal. If the initial margin value is specified for the symbol, this is the value that is used. Margin calculation formulas are not applied to the appropriate calculation type. Maintenance margin — minimum security deposit margin a trader should have on his or her account to maintain a one-lot position, market watch forex.

Hedged margin — the margin charged per one lot of hedged positions. You can also select here margin calculation mode for hedged positions — using the larger leg.

Chart mode — financial symbol chart creation mode: based on Bid or Last prices. Margin rate — margin rates for various order types are specified in this table. The rates are set for the initial and maintenance margin individually. If no ratio is set for the maintenance margin set to zerothe initial margin ratio is applied used for it.

Market Buy Order — a multiplier for calculating margin requirements for long positions relative to the basic margin amount.


Market Watch - Trading Operations - MetaTrader 5


market watch forex


The "Market Watch" window can be opened/closed by pressing of accelerating keys of Ctrl+M, by the "View – Market Watch" menu command, or by pressing of the button of the "Standard" toolbar. This window allows to place market and pending orders and open new charts. At the right mouse button click in the "Market Watch" window, the context menu. Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Market Watch. British airports wring the rent from forex operators. Mengxi Guo from OctaFX discusses what trends and developments we can expect for the forex market over the coming year >> Watch now. X Open Hub // Video. Open X Hub on how technology is shaping the trading environment.