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Aug 06,  · Forex Dreaming: The hard truth of why retail traders don’t stand a chance. and how YOU can rise above and start WINNING. By Christopher Lee. Synopsis. Aimed at those who don’t mind hearing the truth about the way the forex industry operates, Christopher Lee’s book is a real hard hitter. Forex Dreaming: The hard truth of why retail Forex traders don't stand a chance and how YOU can rise above and start WINNING - Kindle edition by Christopher Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.4/5(56). If you intend trading $ or more on a live account using the Forex DreamMachine EA you are entitled for FREE one-on-one mentorship and guidance from the creator of the DreamMachine. This is ideal for total beginner and battling Forex traders. Please use the information supplied in the video to make use of this great offer.

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What a great indicator! It shows the most overbought Currency in the whole market and the most oversold currency in the whole market. The problem is that this was an indicator and the trader would have to watch the indicator and trade opportunities manually. Automation of this great concept After considerable positive feedback from many of our clients using the Spaghetti indicator we have decided to turn this indicator into a trade-able Robot or expert advisor.

This has considerable advantages as traders no longer need to watch the market anymore, forex dreaming. Testing can also be done to determine the best entry and exit signals for every timeframe, forex dreaming.

So what does this EA do? When a currency, on average, is highly overbought or oversold compared to ALL other currencies then that is very significant as that is an unusual and unsustainable status forex dreaming be in. So it makes sense to trade the most highly overbought currency against the most highly oversold currency. Please bear in mind that this EA has only been built and tested during January and February It has therefore only been back tested. This back testing has been very thorough and has produced very good and consistent results.

Looking at the testing results it does look like this EA favours the currency crosses with high volatility. Testing has shown that the best results come from the 4 hour and 1 hour time frames. The main drivers of profitability are the RSI settings and the Difference setting. The most efficient RSI setting appear forex dreaming be 4 and 6. The most efficient Difference settings are 50 and See the Dream Machine trading The above video is a open price version to show the trading as it happens.

Below are the tick based results over the period tested 1 July to 31 December This is not an easy EA forex dreaming back test as most testers only allow your to test one currency cross at a time whereas the Forex Dream Machine trades the whole market at the same time, forex dreaming. To help you get an idea of the potential profitability of this EA we have back tested each of the possible 28 currency crosses individually using the same major settings: Timeframe - 4 hour, RSI settings 4 and 6, Difference setting of The 4 hour timeframe and these settings have proved to be the most efficient results overall.

Please use the results on the left a mere guides as to the highest potential returns achievable. They represent the results that can be expected when using the aggressive settings.

Below is an overview of the inputs. For a more detailed explanation of the input please consult the User Manual.

Enter the period of the RSI you want to use. Higher than 5 you will get less transactions and lower than 4 you may get too many. This setting applies to both the Finder and Trader functions, forex dreaming. The entry difference between the most overbought currency and most oversold currency can be entered.

Higher than 70 will result in fewer transaction but potentially higher success rates. See the results on this page for results recorded for the various currency crosses You can select which timeframes you want to use when using forex dreaming Finder function.

You can select any of the 4 types of alarms or notifications you will get, forex dreaming. It might take some time to get the balance between too many alarms and too few alarms. This is intended to give you time to sleep peacefully. This is a trading setting where you can select the timeframe you want to trade. Then select one of the 1 hour or 4 hour time frames. The other forex dreaming are not as robust or profitable but can be traded when using the "Custom: User Configured" setting in the next setting.

Select your trading approach. When selecting the "Custom: User Configured" setting you can use you own settings provided in the next few settings, forex dreaming. If you select the Aggressive, Balanced or Conservative setting hard-coded setting will be used, forex dreaming.

You can select which Position Sizing approach to use. Select the currencies you want to trade. Please take the guidance on the account size for the the number of currencies on this page into account.

If you need to restrict the number of open deals you want to have due to your accounts size or to minimise risk use this setting. One of the exits is that when forex dreaming return from their overbought or oversold states they will go into a state forex dreaming thy reverse their roles.

When this happens you can exit when this happens using this setting. Please bear in mind there are many other exit options. The direction of trade can be changed if you wish only recommended in forex dreaming very strongly trending market Your stop loss in pips can be entered here Your target forex dreaming pips can be entered here You can also exit using a Trailing stop. Enter the trailing stop details here.

For lower timeframes it is best to specify a time of day to open new trades. You can also specify the days you want to trade You can change the colors forex dreaming on your finder tables on your charts If your broker uses a currency cross suffix or prefix enter it here e, forex dreaming. Use this setting to set the number of trigger you want to see in the Trigger Finder Table.

Use a different magic number for every different set of setting to manage your EA properly If there are no set files how do Forex dreaming use the hard-coded settings? Changing the input settings will not change the results as all the settings are hard coded details of these settings are available on the forum Trading timeframe dropdown menu Trading approach dropdown menu Please note that the hard-coded settings are provided to you to help you learn the Dream Machine.

They are forex dreaming a guarantee of EA success. They are provided to give you a quick start to learn to trade the EA. As suggested on our marketing page you should trade them on a demo account for 2 to 3 weeks to see what results you get and then decide whether you need to make changes to the settings, forex dreaming. Remember there is no EA that will make gains every day, or every week or every month consistently.

EA results depend of the forex dreaming conditions when you start trading them. Is The EA Easy to load and manage? These are to get you started, forex dreaming.

The 3 files are made up of Forex dreaming settings.



forex dreaming


Forex - Meaning of Dream. Seeing in your dream that you’re borrowing forex is a good sign. It forebodes that your dream about life without any financial problems and welfare will come true. Evidently, you’ll find a decent job or develop your own business. No matter what you’ll do, you can forget about your financial troubles. Jul 16,  · Forex Dreaming: The hard truth of why retail traders don t stand a chance. and how YOU can rise above and start WINNING F'u'l'l D.o.w.n.l.o.a.d Forex Dreaming: The hard truth of why retail traders don t stand a chance. and how YOU can rise above and start WINNING P.D.F-D.o.w.n.l.o.a.d. Forex Dreaming: The hard truth of why retail Forex traders don't stand a chance and how YOU can rise above and start WINNING - Kindle edition by Christopher Lee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.4/5(56).