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How Does Foreign Exchange Trading Work?

Why Do Currency Rates Change? Chapter progress: One day you will see the euro quoted at 1. These price quotes are the high forex change to the low on A change in price by points is not abnormal.

Later we will talk about what is normal and how we know what is normal, but for the moment, you need to accept that Forex prices can move very far, very fast. What is behind the change? The obvious answer is that euro traders were in the process of changing their minds about the value of either the euro or the value of the dollar. Actually, since no one knows or can even guess what true value might be, forex change euro trader is guessing what others will think in the future about the appropriate price of the euro or the dollar.

If the euro trader is a seller today at 1, forex change. The future may be two minutes, two days or two weeks, but the skill of forex change trader lies in assigning a probability to the interpretation of the data or news by the rest of the market. In other words, the euro trader is reading their minds about future demand for euros. This sounds ridiculous but it is an accurate way of describing the process. The chart reader does not care whether the rest of the market is correct, forex change.

He sees that in terms of the upmove forex change has already taken place, the other traders are overinvested in the bullish point of view. The price forex change fall as the holders unload their positions in order to get cash to put on new trades. The chart reader uses any of several technical indicators to identify when the market is overinvested or overbought. The most commonly used indicator is the relative strength index or RSI. Another is the stochastic oscillator. It is important to note that in Forex, we do not have volume figures like the volume available in equity trading.

If we had volume, we could see that as the price is rising, volume is failing to keep pace proportionately. A divergence between rising prices and falling volume forex change a classic technique in equities to gauge when a security is becoming overbought. Alas, in Forex change, we do not have volume as a tool, forex change. Component Two: The Economics The only reason to buy something is to use it or to sell it later for a higher price.

Therefore, Forex traders follow the macroeconomics and news stories pertaining to the relative purchasing power of the euro vs. At any one time, forex change, the market as a whole has a consensus view of which economies are growing and how fast, and which economies have immediate economic problems that the government and specifically the central bank should be addressing.

Component Three: The News The macroeconomics form the background against which traders judge news. Because inflation had fallen to a new low and there was fear of Japanese-style deflation, the consensus of Forex commentators was that the ECB would cut rates or impose negative rates on bank deposits to encourage banks to lend more. Accordingly, the euro was on a sharp falling trajectory. However, forex change, the ECB declined to cut rates and the euro reversed on the same day, forex change, rising nearly to the level it started eight days earlier.

You can use our interest rates table to know the current rates set by the world's major central forex change and the dates when they have been last changed. Quiz: 1. Forex rates move the most on The chart.


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