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Make Money Easy In Forex DC Bonta has traded forex for over 10 years and has been with large financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and TD Waterhouse. This is the first time Mr. Bonta is sharing his strategies and secrets that have allowed him to prosper long term as a professional forex trader and he will ONLY work one on one with. Feb 16,  · Forex is a business, with its own culture and rules and while "copying" another could be of some use i imagine, you MUST be learning also or you will fall down VERY hard! enjoy and trade well mp. DC Bonta as a money manager, from readin other forums is a scam.!!. DC Bonta is % Liar & SCAM! His Institutional Forex Trading its % pure Scam & cannot be use in the real trade, if you used it in a short time your Ballance will gonna be ruin. Don't ever tried or buying his (DC. Bonta) product anymore/5(13).

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When to enter: At the trend lines touch. It is created as the market moves. The higher the time frame the more power it has. You dc bonta forex refer there for a complete description. In short, it closes a percentage of position in profit to secure the rest of it while it will gives you the chance to enter new trades for free!!

A must read. Its goal is to build slowly incremental opened positions while securing them to have good positions targeting hundred of pips, dc bonta forex. Beautiful Round Numbers: As the legend Jacko says, dc bonta forex, The pros have gotta be saying that the big game in the industry is to now grind and push the market to 1.

After that they don't care, they have had their fun I have found that to control my emotions, I should write them down, then I should find a way to control them and finally repeat to myself when I meet that emotion again.

This is dc bonta forex signaling that the German exporters are having a hard time with expensive euro. Some Pro's are saying that this dc bonta forex down is clearly by ECB looking for a more "Exporter-Friendly" euro exchange rate. This could be possible by the new president in US. My Plans: According to my rules I will enter at a bounce at the second trend line with the little ellipse showing it 1.

NOTE: As of today it is already broken. If that didn't hold I will be using short-term profits from Fibonacci levels bouncing also shown attached. I will look to enter again at the third trend line near. It is very good to let everybody know about it: Dear There he was, the great monarch — the mighty ruler of the land, strutting around like a peacock because of his marvelous, magical new clothes that no one else had including himself. The guy was completely buck-naked… and everyone knew it.

I think even he must have known it, but his pride and arrogance kept him from seeing what was so obvious to everyone else, dc bonta forex.

Folks in the Forex world get like that Emperor sometimes. They take time, money and energy to study up on the best and brightest strategies. They usually start with the basic fundamentals that are essential to profitable trading and high returns.

Some even put the basic stuff into practice and win, dc bonta forex. The result? But it works. The non-secret covers your backside and protects your assets. It creates profits and solid returns time after time. It dc bonta forex you get a solid base of consistent, regular, predictable, profitable trades, day in and day out.

Ok, enough of that! I know… lame, boring, dc bonta forex, old school. Trading with the trends is an essential fundamental that you need to understand. You probably have heard it all before. What I will do is just make it a bit more specific to Forex trading so you get the full picture of how to apply it dc bonta forex. You need to find the current trend on a longer time frame like the daily chart — or even longer.

Sometimes, you have dc bonta forex go back several months to get smooth data. For example, price may appear to be in an uptrend for a specific month — but is the pair in a current uptrend or is that a retracement of a downtrend already in progress?

The only way to know for sure is to go back a few months and take a look. Has it already retraced to those key levels? Also, dc bonta forex, you dc bonta forex draw the monthly pivot points on the daily chart to see where support and resistance is. Do these levels overlap with any key Fibonacci levels?

Now, do the same on your shorter time frame charts like the 60 minute, 30 minute, 15 minute, 5 minute or whatever you use for intra-day trading. Once you clearly see the trend, you can play the bounces at these key support and resistance levels in the direction of the overall trend. Simply look for levels where price is going to hit resistance and short at those levels. But they should never, dc bonta forex, ever blind you to the importance of consistently using the fundamentals.

I would suggest we only think about it. Good luck with it! I will be following your journey closely. Happy trading!


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dc bonta forex


Aug 27,  · We raised over million for David Nelson (winner of the forex five hundred competition in ) traded well a few months and he lost it all in one week! We raised over 2 million for David Arena (otherwise know as DC Bonta) and he lost it all in several months. DC Bonta, a professional currency trader with over 10 years experience, is the author of the Institutional Forex System. With this experience, he aims to teach the retail forex investor to trade as an individual investor and reap the financial rewards with the institutions. Institutional Forex System - DC Bonta - Trader Knowledge.